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Anonymous asked: no hate but when people can't hear anything it's spelt 'deaf'

oh yeah, thanks :)


Another communication skill is social networking this is used very often worldwide, it is the free and easy way to get into contact with your friends of family weather you want to go on webcam and talk face to face or just simply write messages on Facebook.  They are used when you want to talk to someone who is lives far away or might be right next to you, YouTube is a good way of listening to what people say and giving your opinion it’s a very unique website and let’s people be themselves! It’s more for visual people who would rather see a video about something then read it. Social networking is very effective because so many people use them! Examples of social networking is, Facebook, twitter, flikr, tumblr, YouTube, blogs, websites, vlogs, Hotmail, and there are many more. The strengths are that it is an easy way to get in contact with people, and make new friends, the weaknesses are that some people can be very mean on social networking and a lot of cyber bulling goes on if you look on the news you will be able to find a few examples of that.



Sign language: Another communication skill is sign language it is used when someone is unfortunate to lose there hearing or can’t hear very well, it is used by movement of the hands and mouth to make a different sort of language I think it’s hard to learn. They are effective in the way that they help people to know what people saying and sign language is sometimes used in programs when someone is standing in the corner of the screen helping people who can’t hear to know what his happening in the program, they usually only show up when it’s early hours of the morning so that is a disadvantage for death people they should make a channel that replays programs and so that people can still watch their favorite shows without putting subtitles on and if its live TV you have to wait for the words to catch up and that’s no fun. I don’t think there are any advantages because if you can’t hear and you’re going out then you’re not as aware of what is going on around or near you, you would always have to have someone with you for a little bit more protection.



There are lots of different comunication techniques I comunicate alot in drawing and my art work, this is used by alot of artists to tell a story or a part of their life. The weeknesses are that you can’t always keep the picture, and it can get easily ruined, the strenths are that its a really creative way to talk to someone. This way of comunication is very effective and has been used alot like Vincent Van Gogh for example he painted a picture of a meadow but that picture was his suside note and the next morning he went to that meadow where he painted the picutre and shot himself in the face. This picture below is an example of what Van Gogh drew, his drawings always had meaning and told a story.

This is a drawing for my animation project of what tangled would look like if she was evil

This is something me and my brother made for a joke:)

Media Progression Project

My stop frame animation.

Wanted to try this crayon thing where you stick crayons to a cavis and use a hair dryer to melt the crayons
Drawing that I done:)

This is mine and my sisters horror film that we made.

This is my cosions and sister doing a horror film video i thought it was funny